Nearly 98% of brides regret not hiring a videographer to record their wedding day. In the middle of wedding planning, it's hard to see years down the road and how much you'll wish you had a video to live that day again.

It is our mission to provide as many couples with wedding films as we possibly can. When the dress is packed away, the cake has been eaten, and the flowers have dried, you will have a beautiful film reminding you of your wedding day.

Q: What exactly is a highlight film?

A: Highlight films are not the wedding films of your parent's generation. Our cinematic highlight films are edited together using the most meaningful/highest points of your wedding day. This enables you to sit and watch your entire wedding day in one easy to view/share film. 

Q: I really want to have a videographer capture our day but I'm worried it will be crowded with the photographer(s) and the extra equipment.

A: We work with your photographer directly to ensure we're noticed as little as possible. We're there to document, not to steal the show. We use very light weight, easy to move equipment that takes up little to no space during your wedding. Our biggest priority is to allow you and your guests to enjoy your wedding day without noticing our presence. 

Q: I'm worried about the weather on my wedding day, what happens if we can't go outdoors for video?

A: Window light is magical! If we can't venture outdoors, we'll use indoor natural light to make you look your best. We also have lighting equipment for low light indoor situations to ensure you have the best video in all situations.