Finally, it's here.

Emily here. I'm so excited to post our FIRST blog entry as AE Photo | Film. 

As some of you know and others may not, my husband and I use to be known as Emily Swihart Photography. For the last six years we've photographed weddings, portraits, events, and in 2014 began filming wedding videos. 

When we introduced wedding videos, Adam brought up the idea of changing our business name; something that would reflect the diversity in our business. 

I knew he was right but I had worked really hard to "be known" I guess you could say and I feared the worst if we went in a new direction. After we put the business on a brief pause, during my pregnancy and Marvin's first months, I finally felt like it was time to make a change.

Coming back to my love of photography and video has felt so natural. Much more than I thought it would actually. While we aren't filling our schedule as aggressively as we were in the years past, I'm encouraged to be creating meaningful art for people again.

Our new name reflects the diversity of our skills and passions. While I will continue to photograph portraits and book sessions when possible, Adam has new film projects he would like to tackle.

We've also chosen to book a few wedding films each year because let's face it, weddings are kind of my favorite. Who doesn't love being able to capture and provide record of such intensely emotional & important moments? Being able to focus solely on wedding films is probably the best part of this whole re-branding process. 

We both feel refreshed, renewed, and ready to take on whatever comes our way in 2016.
-See how I used all "r" words? That wasn't intentional but I like it. So it stays. -  ;)






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