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Wedding Tips & Tricks for Bride to Be

A ring on your finger, and a three-ringed binder in your arms.

It’s your turn, bride-to-be! You said “Yes!” and he put a ring on it. You have probably spent many late nights together whether it be talking or watching movies, but today marks the day where your late nights with your fiancé are going to look a little different. Today is the first day of wedding planning, and honey, there are going to be some late nights. Here are some suggestions to keeping your ideas organized and your mind sane.

How to make your wedding binder

Binder up!

If you are planning a small wedding with just close family and friends, a folder may be more appropriate. However, a two-inch binder is normal for most brides, but if you are planning a formal wedding with guests traveling from all over or even a destination wedding, a three-inch binder may be the one for you!

Prepare to be organized.

Stock your binder with reinforcement stickers (in case the holes tear in the paper), protector sheets, a place to organize receipts that have anything and everything to do with the wedding (a plastic bag will even do!), and a business card holder for venues or caterers.

Section off!

There are many ways to organize your binder, but you should keep in mind your main sections. Your binder should include sections for the following: a wedding budget (probably the most important), guest lists for you and your groom, cinematography, photography, venue and church information, cake and catering contact information, music (D.J., a band, or live entertainment), decoration ideas (colors and themes, invitations, center piece ideas, venue décor, etc), honeymoon/traveling information, wedding party, pastor/officiant, ushers, guestbook names and contact information, and of course, THE DRESS! You can find print-outs available online or even on Pinterest. Just search for “wedding binder print-outs.”

Whoa, those are a lot of sections! But those are the big items that you must think about! Being a bride and some lucky man’s fiancé is such a whimsical part of your life, but it is also stressful. Creating these sections and giving your ideas a place to live will help your mind find peace and rest at the end of a long day of planning.

The best part of the sections and all that contact information you stowed away for months is the ability to hand it all over the day of your wedding. You should talk to your maid-of-honor or wedding planning and show him/her this beloved binder of yours. Let him/her know the binder will be their responsibility on your big day and that any and all questions should go through him/her. You worked hard to create a wedding binder that has all the necessary information for any question or problem that should come your way!

Remember you are planning for more than your wedding alone. You are planning for the first day of the rest of your life! You’re planning to be married!

Article Written by: Taylor Paige Neff

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